A Q&A With Valerie Messika at Baselworld 2019

For those of you who love diamonds, there are none better than those from the brand Messika.   Starting her own brand Messika in 2005, Valerie Messika has transformed diamonds into glittering pieces of wearable jewellery that are cool, contemporary and versatile enough for everyday wear. Valerie showcased the latest ranges and pieces for Messika jewellery at Baselworld 2019, and her installation was every bit as glamourous, chic and fashionable as the woman herself. We caught up with Valerie to find out what was in store for this fabulous French brand.

Q If you could describe the brand in a few words, what would they be?

The first word, would be diamond. We are experts and specialise in diamonds so that’s definitely a strong word for us, it encapsulates what we do. Contemporary, because my goal was to bring a traditional product and make it into something different. Finally, fashion. I am inspired by fashion. For me, fashion is an energy, an attitude, a state of mind. It fills you with confidence and let’s you be sexy and feminine at time. Messika is not about money, it’s not about who can afford more. It is something for you and for yourself.  This is exactly what I wanted to bring to this traditional world.

Q Following the Move collection (2017) and My Soul collection (2018), Messika has formed a close relationship with brand ambassador Gigi Hadid. What can we expect from this partnership in 2019?

I was so happy to work with Gigi. She embodies this young generation of girl so well. This is the generation of women that want to wear diamonds but with sneakers, and jeans. I think I’m lucky that I am able to capture their attention through my brand and I felt she was great fit. Gigi loves to create, and the moment I saw her and spoke to her, well,  we fell in love with the concept of having a cross collection. We are bringing something cool to the diamond industry. For those new generation girls.

Q Styles we have seen in the last couple of years have included punk-rock and bohemian-chic vibes. Should we expect to see similarly bold themes in the coming year?

For this year, the collection is inspired by the desert and is called ‘Born to be wild’. Messika is about having a ‘rock’ attitude with the diamonds of course, and I thought it was very cool to have this kind of delicate jewellery brought into a rough world like the desert. The desert inspired me in that it is almost never ending. You don’t have any limits. I feel like this with my brand, in that I have such a freedom with diamonds due to my family history and knowledge (Her father, Andre, was renowned in the diamond industry for decades), and so I don’t have any limitations- I can spread my wings and experiment.

Q Much of your inspiration comes from art, fashion and jewellery history. What might we see you take inspiration from in the near future?

Always the woman. The woman for me is a big source of my inspiration. Every woman from all over the world. I love to be able to observe the way they behave, and the way they are. I cannot tell you exactly what my next collection after this year will be- but I can tell you that woman is my inspiration.

Q Who do you see wearing the collection and why?

I’ve seen so many amazing women wearing my jewellery, of all ages. I am lucky and gifted to have these women from all around the world as my customers, and while I do have some idea of the future and who will be wearing my designs, I can’t tell you right now- it’s a secret!

Q When and how would one wear Messika jewellery? How would you style it?

We noticed that one of our strengths and differences from other diamond jewellery companies, is that we have customers who come in time and time again. Traditionally, when you buy diamonds, you purchase once, maybe twice in a lifetime, and only for special occasions. With Messika, you can mix and match collections and pieces, so we have customers come back time and time again to see what they can add to their collection. You can mix our Glam’Azone collection with the Skinny collection for example. This year I launched a special room called the stacking room. The concept is that the more you stack the cooler you are but you do it in your own way. You should stack in one way, I should stack in another. People who like to express their personal style and don’t want to be the same as everyone else, can style their Messika jewellery in any way they want.

To shop the new Messika pieces, you can visit your nearest showroom or buy online here.