Introducing Lydia Millen As Our Latest Campaign Model, Plus A Q&A

When it comes to creating and curating her own style, Lydia Millen is a true professional. Having started her blog in 2011, she found much success via her Instagram, by posting her outfits and snapshots of her day to day life. Since then, she has launched a successful YouTube channel, and has been involved in campaigns with premium fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. She is also breathtakingly beautiful. With her glossy hair and piercing blue eyes, it’s no surprise that Lydia has become a hit amongst the digital age.

Her lifestyle is certainly covetable, and everything from her holidays to her wedding to husband Ali Gordon has been documented on her social media. At the core of her whirlwind lifestyle, Lydia is warm and approachable, balancing the ultimate millennial fantasy and downtime with her husband, friends and family. Her aesthetic reflects her lifestyle perfectly, with elegant imagery that exudes luxury in a fresh and modern approach. That’s why we felt that she was a natural fit for Mappin & Webb.

So, in September of this year, armed with a suitcase full of stunning jewellery and timepieces, we met up with Lydia to shoot in our Regent Street boutique, and in a nearby studio. We also got a chance to talk to her more about her love for diamonds, jewellery and luxury watches.

Where did your love of jewellery come from?

I would definitely say my love of jewellery comes from my Grandma, Moira. One of my most vivid memories is of all the beautiful jewellery she would wear and she still wears today. She also has the most wonderful stories of my Grandpa heading off on business trips and bringing back diamond encrusted bracelets that I could listen to for hours.


How would you describe your style when it comes to accessorising?

I would say my style is very classic and timeless. I have a penchant for beautifully cut and delicate diamonds that almost appear to be floating on your skin. I think small and delicate diamonds can be just as impactful as larger stones.

Describe to us your ideal jewellery collection – what would it consist of?

It would have to be something timeless which could be worn forever. I don’t like to take my jewellery off, which is probably terrible for the condition but everything I wear means something to me so much that I see it as a part of me. I would love to be able to create a collection that has meaning for others. Think simple bands of tiny delicate diamonds and floating solitaires, stacked and mismatched to perfection.


Do you have a preference when it comes to gemstones?

Well my birthstone is diamond so it seems quite fitting that it’s my favourite gemstone to wear. I’m a fan of muted colour palettes but with diamonds you can wear anything and everything. Even a simple black outfit can be elevated by the right diamonds.

Which key pieces of jewellery would you choose to wear for the rest of time and why?

If I had to choose it would obviously be my engagement and wedding rings. Every time I look at them I smile, they remind me of so many incredible and love filled times. I often feel completely bare if I take them off even for a moment.



What are your favourite pieces from M&W and why?

It would have to be the 1ct Diamond Collection. The way that these can be dressed up and dressed down with your everyday wardrobe makes them versatile and never out of style. Diamonds will always make anyone feel a million dollars.

Does your jewellery style differ from season to season?

Not greatly because I tend to wear the same pieces every day. I’d say it more comes down to the occasion. I love getting dressed up and if there’s a chance I get to wear some of my grandma’s jewellery that she gifted me, I’m very happy.


Do you have any dos and don’ts when it comes to styling your jewellery?

Not particularly. I don’t really follow any rules because I love how unique everyone’s style is when it comes to jewellery. I adore imperfection and a bit of mismatching to create contrast, so it really is up to the individual.

Do you have any key sentimental pieces that you treasure other than your bridal jewellery?

Oh absolutely! I have the most amazing diamond ring that my Grandma gave me when I bought my first home. It reminds me of the fluffy dandelion seeds that you’d blow on and make a wish as a child. I also have a pendant which came from one of the many gifts my grandpa gave my grandma. When he died she had a bracelet he had given her broken up and made into pendants for my cousin, sister and I to wear. It means so much to me!

Where did your passion for luxury watches come from? We know you have a few in your collection…

It’s funny because I didn’t think I was collecting them but now I have 4 or 5 and constantly find myself lusting after more! I’m going to blame my dad for this one. He’s got a pretty impressive collection and when I was growing up my grandparents would gift everyone the same Cartier watch. My brother inherited my grandpas when he died so when I could, I bought the same watch as everyone in my family. It was very exciting for me.

Everything Lydia is wearing in the campaign is available from Mappin & Webb. You can see more campaign imagery both on the Mappin & Webb website, social media channels, and on Lydia Millen’s Instagram.