Introducing Our Brightest Diamond

Home of the Crown Jeweller, Mappin & Webb proudly introduces The MW Collection, featuring the Mappin & Webb exclusive diamond. This extraordinary cushion cut is finished to the most exacting proportions by master diamond artisans to reveal a unique and striking stone.

The exclusivity of The MW Collection lies in the 75 perfectly placed facets that add to its brightness, reflecting the beauty and luminosity of the diamond. Designed and selected for its brilliance, our cushion cut diamond plays on light, culminating in our brightest, most beautiful stone yet.

Inspiring the design of the opulent cushion cut are the creations featured within our archives, having been commissioned by illustrious clients and royalty all over the world. The secret to the true splendour of our designs are rooted in the experience of the Crown Jeweller and the abilities of only a select few diamond craftsmen.




The MW Collection consists of three carefully crafted diamond rings, a pendant and the option of unassuming yet stunning solitaire stud or waterfall drop earrings.



Enjoy the striking beauty of The MW Collection online now and in our boutiques from 6 November 2017.