The Carrington Collection : A History

Mappin & Webb pays homage to its historic past by launching a jewellery collection named after the jeweller’s first identity. The historic Carrington brand was court jeweller from the early part of the 19th century and only became Mappin & Webb in 1864 when the four grandsons of the company’s founder, Jonathan Mappin, changed the company name in recognition of the contribution made to the business by their brother in law George Webb.

With the Carrington Collection, Mappin & Webb celebrates an astonishing historical pedigree dating back to 1775. The brand’s position at the pinnacle of British jewellery design for over 240 years is celebrated in a kaleidoscope of classic coloured stones including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Each design features a prominent coloured round-cut precious stone highlighted by a halo of white diamonds and set in 18ct white gold. The collection offers a wide selection of pieces from classic stud earrings to elaborate drop earrings, gorgeous pendants and delicate rings.

The resulting pieces are grand yet elegant, offering a perfect keepsake for a special occasion and the prospect of a timeless companion for years to come.

There are several gemstones available in the collection, all having different properties and representing different qualities. So whether you are looking for a particular colour, or a stone that signifies a particular month, then see below a selection of this stunning range. The pieces in the range would be a fantastic choice for those looking for something for a special occasion.


  • Birthstone of March
  • Represents: Peace, Communication, Empowerment

Ring, £2250, Necklace, £2250 and Earrings £2500


  • Birthstone of May
  • Represents: Love, Compassion, Abundance

Ring £4750, Necklace £4500 and Earrings £2750



  • Birthstone of July
  • Represents: Life Force, Courage, Passion

Ring £4750, Necklace £4500 and Earrings £2750



  • Birthstone of September
  • Represents: Focus, Discipline, Inner Vision

Ring, £3750 Necklace £3500 and £1750


Blue Topaz

  • Birthstone of November
  • Represents: Manifesting, Clarity, Magnification

Ring £2250, Necklace £2500 and Earrings £3250



  • Birthstone of December
  • Represents: Integrating Heart And Mind, Wholeness

Ring £3000, Necklace £2500 and Earrings £3250

To shop the entirety of the elegant Carrington Collection, you can browse online, or visit your nearest Mappin & Webb boutique.