The Princes Trust Release Their Young People Relief Fund

We have a long standing relationship with the Princes Trust and work with them in providing opportunities for young people to learn and grow with our collaboration, and more. Last year, we celebrated our centenary year in partnership with Rolex, and launched an exciting campaign with The Prince’s Trust supporting young people to build the skills and confidence they need to succeed. We raised an outstanding £300,000 through the sale of our limited edition Rolex watches, and an additional £20,000 raised by our fantastic staff. These vital funds supported The Prince’s Trust’s early intervention efforts in school’s, helping to build resilience, confidence and key skills needed to be successful in an education environment and beyond. In our first year, we have supported over 1000 young people through direct funding, and volunteering.

During these unprecedented times, young people are at risk of becoming increasingly isolated and trapped in unstable, sometimes unsafe circumstances. It is predicted that young people will be the worst group impacted by the pandemic, with 89% reporting deteriorating mental health and young people being 2.5 times more likely to work for a sector that has been shut down. That’s why our partners at The Prince’s Trust have launched their Young People Action Plan, to support the most vulnerable young people throughout this crisis and beyond.

Their army of youth workers and volunteers are working around the clock to ensure young people can keep leaning and earning.

  • Offering remote mentoring to young people struggling with isolation.
  • Creating ‘virtual classrooms’ so that young people can keep benefitting from life-changing courses and continue learning.
  • Creating opportunities for young people who have been hit by the crisis to re-skill and apply for new jobs, with a key focus on jobs within the NHS and Food Retail sectors to help the country fight the virus, and feed the nation.
  • Extended the hours of their Contact Centre, so young people can reach the support they need from 9am-9pm every single day.
  • Launched the coronavirus support hub – so young people, parents and teachers can access essential resources.

In order to continue to operate, and deliver these vital services, The Prince’s Trust have launched their Young People Relief Fund. This emergency fund will help to support young people to not only rebuild their lives, but to rebuild the economy. Young people will play a critical role in supporting the country to get back on its feet – when young people prosper, the country prospers.

Our Mappin & Webb customers are able to join us in supporting The Prince’s Trust during these challenging times by being able to donate to their fund. We all have the opportunity today to empower a generation that will help the UK recover tomorrow. The time to be there for young people is now.