What Do Pearls Represent?

Pearls unique luminosity has made them one of the most sought-after gemstones on the planet. Mappin & Webb are pleased to offer an extensive collection of luxury pearl jewellery, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets bracelets. Adorning any item from this collection will ensure you look and feel elegant and beautiful.

Pearl jewellery has long since been connected with bridal jewellery, due to pearls being a symbol of innocence and honesty and they are also used to commemorate a 30th wedding anniversary. Pearl is also the gemstone for June birthdays, making them the perfect gift for anyone born in this month.

According to ancient lore, the pearl is born of the Earth’s waters, the heaven’s powers and by a flash of lightning. They are said to be tied with the moon, due to their luminous aesthetic, and in some cultures, the pearl has astrological associations with the planet Venus. Like pearls, the goddess of love came from the sea.

Due to their shape, pearls have another watery background. Some stories say white pearls are tears shed by the gods. One legend says the tears Eve cried when she was banished from Eden turned to pearls.

Pearls have also lent themselves as the basis for the saying ‘pearls of wisdom’. This is due to the fact that pearls were so sought after, but very hard to finding, making them a rare commodity. The saying then translates to fact you should treasure and covet the wisdom like a rare pearl.

For all their mystical properties, and rich history, there is no doubt that pearls are also aesthetically pleasing. Pearl jewellery are certainly classic and timeless; designs that would be welcomed in any jewellery collection.

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