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Home of the Crown Jeweller, Mappin & Webb proudly introduces our brightest diamond. This extraordinary cushion cut is finished to the most exacting proportions by master diamond artisans to reveal a unique and striking stone.


Mappin & Webb is a true British treasure with over 240 years of tradition and historical significance in the world of silver and fine jewellery. Today, our elegant designs take inspiration from our rich archive, which remains at the heart of what we do.

The opulent cushion cut diamond has featured in designs commissioned by illustrious clients and royalty all over the world and has inspired this new creation, the Mappin & Webb exclusive diamond.


Each positively breathtaking piece from the collection embodies a unique history bought to life by the expertise of our craftsmen, which has evolved over generations. Each diamond is chosen and crafted to reveal the true brilliance of the world's most desired jewel.

Mappin & Webb's exceptional designs are rooted in the experience of the Crown Jeweller and the exclusive cut diamond has been meticulously handcrafted to be, visually, our brightest.

The true beauty of our latest creation is attributable to the consistent quality, exquisite craftsmanship and expert techniques, which can only be achieved by a select few diamond artisans in the world.

Introducing our brightest diamond, a diamond uniquely different

The exclusivity of The MW Collection is in the 75 perfectly placed facets in this cushion cut diamond. Each facet adds to the brightness, reflecting the beauty and luminosity of the stone. Designed and selected for its brilliance, our cushion cut diamond plays on light, culminating in our brightest, most beautiful stone yet. Set in platinum, each facet in the Mappin & Webb exclusive diamond refracts and reflects exploding with light allowing for maximum scintillation.

A collection made up of clean, simple yet timeless designs with a sparkle that will captivate those around you.

Every diamond in The MW Collection comes certified together with a G IA diamond grading report. This report assesses the colour, clarity and carat weight in which the reference can be found inscribed on the girdle of the stone, verifying its superior quality and authenticity.

Our exclusively cut diamond has also been measured by GemEx, the global leader in measuring brilliance (white light), fire (colour light) and sparkle (scintillation). Using state of the art technology systems, GemEx look at every diamond from multiple light angles, the return of light being the truest measure of its beauty.

The very high scoring against these light measures of every diamond in The MW Collection illustrates the careful considerations we have taken to enhance one of nature's most beautiful creations.

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