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Corporate Services

Mappin & Webb offers an assortment of elegant, stylish and thoughtful gifts for your business clientele. Choose from a carefully curated range of gifts from jewellery, watches and clocks to pens, leather goods, silverware and crystal.

Mappin & Webb's dedicated corporate team are on hand to assist you with your corporate gifting needs.

Whether for a retirement, a commemorative gift or a simple thank you, there are many occasions where a memorable gift is needed; not only in the piece being chosen, but also in the way it is presented.

We also offer an engraving service to personalise your gift.

Presented in Mappin & Webb's distinctive packaging and made to your specific requirements, it is this attention to detail that has seen Mappin & Webb serve five successive Monarchs, and continue to provide a wide number of Livery companies, regiments of the British Army as well as numerous FTSE 100 companies with their corporate gifts.

For further information please contact:

Corporate Manager Karl Bailey

+44 (0)207 478 8733


Aaron Jeewood

+44 (0) 207 478 8740

Or visit Mappin & Webb Corporate Services, 132 Regent St, London