Over the Rainbow

Add a subtle pop of colour to your every day with our unique spectrum of gemstone jewellery. Each colour is said to have its own special meanings – and they’re all available at Goldsmiths and Mappin & Webb

Jewellery can be the perfect way to add colour to your wardrobe, especially when the colder months draw in and our bright summer clothes are replaced with darker, more autumnal tones. And while, for many, precious gemstones are desirable for their unique colours and jewel-toned sparkle, others may choose to wear pieces for the special properties they possess.

Blue crush

Reminiscent of crystal-clear ocean waters, aquamarine stones are said to embody eternal life, and for centuries the stone has been worn as a symbol of youth, hope and health. They were even used by the Ancient Greeks to protect sailors, believing they could ward off fierce storms. Aquamarine is also the first of the spring birthstones meaning the gem is synonymous with new life and rebirth. We especially love this white-gold aquamarine ring, £450; white-gold aquamarine pendant, £425; white-gold aquamarine studs, £500; white-gold aquamarine and diamond oval ring, £480, all available from Goldsmiths.

Steal the limelight

The stunning deep green of emeralds has long been associated with wealth, opulence and indulgence. As well as being an extremely eye-catching tone, the emerald is regarded as ‘the stone of prosperity’ and is said to aid creativity and innovation, bringing wisdom to the wearer. Some examples come in the form of our Carrington white-gold emerald and diamond studs, £2,750; Carrington white-gold emerald and diamond necklace, £1,250 and Carrington white-gold emerald and diamond ring, £1,750, all from Mappin & Webb.

Red heat

The ruby is a stone that needs no introduction. Worn by nobility for centuries, it was considered the queen of stones (and the stone of kings). In the Middle Ages, the ruby was also thought to be the perfect wedding stone, and to this day we associate its red fiery tone with passion and love. Its inextinguishable flame is always guaranteed to command a second look. Like the sound of this? Check out our yellow-gold ruby and diamond three-stone ring, £1,000; yellow-gold ruby and diamond eternity ring, £1,000; white-gold ruby and diamond halo oval ring, £750, online and in-store at Goldsmiths.

Azure accents

Especially popular for engagements, partly thanks to its association with the modern British Royal Family, the deep blue of the sapphire is thought to bring an inner calm to the wearer. Historically the stone has been viewed as a symbol of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. So if you want to feel the blues in the best way possible, have a look at our Carrington white-gold sapphire and diamond drop earrings, £3,000 from Mappin & Webb. Or how about this beautiful white-gold sapphire and diamond oval halo ring, £750 from Goldsmiths.

Whether you decide on a stone for its beauty, or for the little bit of extra luck it may bring you, these precious jewels are guaranteed to draw every eye and add sparkle to your life. To shop our collections of precious gemstones, visit Mappin and Webb and Goldsmiths, in store and online.