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Susan Caplan Jewellery

Founded in 2008, Susan Caplan is a globally renowned curator of luxury vintage jewellery, synonymous with authenticity. The brand embodies a powerful synergy between sustainability and luxury. With sustainability now being at the forefront of our brand consciousness, Susan Caplan advocates the importance of this topic by giving jewellery from the past a new lease of life.

Susan Caplan 2021

Susan Caplan 2021 campaign pushes the continuing narrative of the brands embodiment of sustainability from product delivery, packaging to service. Sustainability has always been at the forefront of this brands consciousness. As a brand Susan Caplan advocates for sustainability by giving jewellery from the past a new lease of life.

About Susan Caplan

Susan Caplan is the founder and creative director of her globally renowned luxury vintage jewellery brand. With 40 years of experience in the vintage jewellery industry, Susan remains unrivalled in the field of vintage luxury delivering collections spanning over the last 8 decades. As a curator of vintage jewellery, sustainability has been a core component of the Susan Caplan brand since its inception and has always been an eco-friendly choice for clients. Each piece challenges the perception of vintage as ‘faded grandeur’. This is grandeur at its finest and Susan Caplan is proud to provide a new life for their slices of fashion history in a way that positively impacts the world we live in.

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