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Chopard Watches

Chopard is a Swiss watchmaker and jewellery maker founded in 1860 in Sonvilier by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, originally known for making ladies' watches and pocket watches.

Chopard Classic Racing

Classic Racing

Chopard's Classic Racing watches build a bridge between automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking, stemming from the passion of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele.

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Chopard Golden Hearts

Golden Hearts

The Maison Chopard is delighted to announce its collaboration with the James Bond franchise, on the creation of a unique jewellery collection named Happy Hearts - Golden Hearts.

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Chopard Mens Watches

Mens Watches

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Chopard Ladies Watches

Ladies Watches

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Classic Racing Collection

Classic Racing

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Happy Diamonds Collection

Happy Diamonds

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Happy Hearts Collection

Happy Hearts

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Happy Sport Collection

Happy Sport

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Chopard & Sustainability

In today's world, nobody can remain indifferent to the big questions and challenges of the Earth and Humanity. We are all responsible and should contribute to the best of our ability. Chopard, as a family Maison, has assumed this responsibility as part of its own identity, values and tradition. Only a family could so deeply sense the vital need to pass on its quintessential nature. "We believe that the world's most precious creation is in fact the planet itself and it is our duty to preserve its purity and integrity for the next generations", Scheufele family.