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Bijoux Birks Jewellery

Bijoux Birks’ delicate style takes inspiration from the natural beauty of Canada, where the brand came to life in 1879. Ethereal morning dew, graceful maple leaves and serene lakes are represented in the fine details of Bijoux Birks jewellery.

Birks Muse Collection

Birks Muse

Refined and timeless pieces inspired by the patterned ceiling of the first Birks boutique on St. James Street in Old Montreal, circa 1879.

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About Bijoux Birks

The Bijoux Birks story began four centuries ago when members of the Birks family were part of Cutlers Company of Sheffield. Though the brand's roots lie deep in English craftsmanship, it was not until 1879 that the Bijoux Birks brand truly came to life when Henry Birks opened a small jewellery boutique on St. James Street in the heart of Montreal, Canada. Henry Birks was a pioneer. He believed in bringing magic to the special moments in people's lives. For him, jewellery held that power. What began as one man's dream with a small store in Montreal, became an iconic Canadian brand that is now distributed internationally. Discover elegant bracelets, striking necklaces, timeless rings and Bijoux Birks diamond earrings in our collection, crafted from the finest materials.

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