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Maria Tash Jewellery

Founded in 1993 the MARIA TASH brand is recognised internationally as the market leader for piercing jewellery whether that’s single threaded studs, hoops, spike charms or traditional studs. This New York based label is committed to crafting innovative collections for each client to then create their own individual look.

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Earring Type

Read below to gain an understanding of the different MARIA TASH earring types we offer.

Maria Tash Traditional Studs

Traditional Studs

This is the most common type of earring back. These earrings feature a standard butterfly backing that glides on the ear seamlessly. For clients shopping for a gift, these are a perfect choice as they will work in virtually any lobe piercing.

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Maria Tash Threaded Studs

Threaded Studs

These studs have a ballflower or disc as oppose to a butterfly back. They can then easily be screwed on to the ear to provide a secure fit. Threaded earrings can be worn in a wide array of lobe piercings.

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About Maria Tash

Maria Tash is a leading name in the jewellery industry thanks to her innovative label which has set the standard for piercing jewellery. Maria Tash created the term “Curated Ear” giving clients the ability to style their own pierced looks. The brand utilises inventive techniques and the best materials in its collections. This brand continues to push the boundaries and is recognised as a trailblazer in the piercing and fine jewellery worlds.

Within this brand there are traditional ball studs alongside the daintier marquise lotus studs, all sitting alongside the more contemporary spikes and charms. All earrings are single earrings only so that each client can curate their own individual look across each lobe.

The Jewellery Edit

How To Create The Curated Ear

The Curated Ear® is a term coined by Maria Tash for what can essentially be described as ear stacking. Maria Tash has achieved global recognition for her piercing jewellery, from traditional studs to single threaded studs, hoops, or spike charms...

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How to create the curated ear
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