Birks Arrives in Mappin & Webb

Steeped in history; Canadian jeweller, Birks, has arrived in Mappin & Webb boutiques. Birks Collections take inspiration from Canada’s scenic landscape, from morning dew to the fine details of a maple leaf.

With a rich and varied history, the foundations of the Birks family began as part of Cutlers Company of Sheffield. Though the brand’s roots lie deep in English craftsmanship, it was not until 1879 that Birks truly came to life when Henry Birks opened a small jewellery boutique in the heart of Montreal, Canada.

Henry Birks believed in bringing magic to the special moments in people’s lives. For him, jewellery held that power. Over the years, Birks has translated tradition and savoir-faire into cutting edge design by creating jewellery that is inspired by the hallmarks of Canadian beauty and crafted to the utmost perfection.

Mappin & Webb, carrying an equally resplendent heritage founded on true British craftsmanship, are pleased to welcome Birks collections to the UK for the first time.


Birks Snowflake

Featuring diamond clusters, which shimmer like Canadian Winters, the Birks Snowflake collection evokes scenery of snowy blankets kissed by winter sunlight. Reflecting this beauty, with clusters of shimmering diamonds, the full collection is beautifully set in 18 carat white gold.



Birks Rosée du Matin

Subtle and elegant by day, absolutely radiant by night, original pieces from the Rosée du Matin collection are as delicate and refined as dewdrops glistening in the morning sun. Incorporating elegantly flexible wrap rings and bracelets, as well as diamond set earrings and necklaces, the collection epitomises the gentle purity of a wintry dawn.



Birks Splash

Birks Splash is a charming collection, as fun and playful as dancing raindrops. Featuring diamond pendants, earrings and rings lovingly caressed by coloured stones, these jewellery pieces are refreshing, sparkling, and as dazzling as you are.


Welcoming Birks to the UK for the first time, the Canadian Maison’s full library of fine jewellery collections can be viewed online or in selected Mappin & Webb Boutiques.