By Appointment: A new bespoke service from Mappin & Webb

By Appointment: Attain Perfection

Crystallize your love story with a beautifully crafted ring created in our London workshop by Mappin & Webb Master Craftsmen overseen by the Crown Jeweller.

Every Romance is Unique. Now every Proposal can be too.

The expression of love is profoundly personal and the Mappin & Webb “By Appointment“ Bespoke Service is here to give that expression form and style. Commission your unique engagement ring and have it brought to life by English jewellers of distinction.

A Heritage of Excellence

Mappin & Webb has a distinguished history of over 240 years, producing luxurious items for a discerning clientele, and as a consequence has a rich and diverse archive. Our designers and craftsmen can draw upon this enviable resource to help realise your personal piece of fine jewellery, creating a new treasure with a grand heritage.

A Treasure that starts with a Setting

Each of the seven styles in our “By Appointment” Bridal range is inspired by and named after a quintessentially English rose, providing a blend of timeless aesthetic and contemporary panache. Designed by Mappin & Webb’s Elizabeth Galton, any of these can be the basis for your bespoke engagement ring.
Pick your precious metal of choice, the shape and size of your gemstone, personalize your ring with engraving or “secret stones” and see your precious dream become a fabulous reality.

The Bespoke Mark

Appointed as Her Majesty’s Crown Jeweller, one of Mappin & Webb’s most senior craftsmen will oversee the creation of your own precious jewellery. To be found only on such special pieces, he will ensure that the exclusive “By Appointment” mark is applied to your ring, a mark derived from the iconic Mappin & Webb Empress Collection, worn by royalty past and present.

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