The Mappin & Webb Guide To Buying An Eternity Ring

Traditionally an Eternity Ring was bought and given to a wife to signify love in a decade of marriage, or to celebrate the life of the first born child. The ring is usually stacked together with the wedding and engagement ring on the left hand and would often feature several gemstones and diamonds running across or around the band. However, recently there has been a shift in the purchasing of Eternity Rings. While husbands are still purchasing them for their wives, they are also purchasing them for their daughters to commemorate their graduation. Friends are buying their friends Eternity Rings to say thank you, and to celebrate their special bond. Women, and even some men, are buying Eternity Rings for themselves as a treat.

An Eternity Ring now isn’t just for a very select few, and often isn’t referred to as an Eternity Ring at all. Promise rings or celebration rings have become highly fashionable, and what better way to commit to a relationship or friendship by solidifying it with the purchase of a precious piece of jewellery. Buying an Eternity Ring is such a special and momentous occasion. Whether you are setting out to treat a loved one, or are rewarding yourself for something you are particular proud of, buying an Eternity Ring it can be a great experience. If you know what you are looking for. Often however we get asked very similar questions by those not too sure on what they are supposed to be looking for in a ring. While there is no rules or guidelines, per se, there are differences within the rings that will appeal and cater to different tastes and requirements.


What Eternity Rings stones are available to me?

Platinum Sapphire And Diamond 0.73ct Half Eternity Ring £2,250

Traditionally, Eternity Rings would include diamonds to symbolise purity, love and the ultimate in romance. These are usually round diamonds, but can be square princess cut or rectangular baguette diamonds. However, the unique can opt for something a little more personal in the form of Eternity Rings with gemstones embedded in. Often people have favourite gemstones, whether they be chosen for their colour, their significance, or even to represent birth dates or anniversary dates. If diamonds or gemstones just aren’t appealing, then you can purchase Eternity Rings that have engravings or etchings in place of the stones.


Which metal do I choose?

18ct Yellow Gold 1.50ct Five Stone Eternity Ring £6000

Eternity Rings can come in platinum, white gold or yellow gold, and so can be suited to any manner of style or preference, as well as matching any existing rings or jewellery that the recipient wears regularly. Where once platinum was the go to precious metal for those wanting something a little more expensive, the trend for buying yellow gold has returned and the metal choice is no longer tied to price, but to style and preference.


Full or half Eternity Ring?

Platinum 1.00ct Princess Cut Channel Set Half Eternity Ring £3500

Full Eternity Rings are set with stones around the width of the band, and are a truly indulgent piece of jewellery, particularly when featuring glistening diamonds around the entirety of the finger! Full Eternity Rings are however usually slimmer than half Eternity Rings, and so those that prefer something chunkier tend to opt for the latter. A half Eternity Ring, of course, has stones set half way around the band. Something else to note is that a half Eternity Ring can be resized, whereas a full Eternity Ring cannot. It’s worth bearing in mind too on whether they are going to wear the ring next to another ring or with a set. This may determine the size, and even the metal of the ring.

If you need more help on choosing an Eternity Ring, our specialists in your local Mappin & Webb boutique will happily help you. You can browse our collection of Eternity Rings online.