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If the rock fits – Which Engagement Ring Style are You?

By Laura McCreddie-Doak 4 Minute Read

From classic solitaires to geometric emerald cuts, Mappin & Webb has an engagement ring for every bridal personality.

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Do you swoon at the thought of linen cardstock in a tasteful shade of ecru or are witty postcards more your type of invitation? Is your ideal dress Kate Middleton’s lace McQueen number or are you more Team Meghan in Givenchy? Flower crowns or tiaras?

You don’t have to come over all Monica from Friends, with her cross-sectioned ring binder (locations ordered alphabetically, geographically and by square feet, anyone?), but chances are you already know what sort of bride you might be. And whether you’re planning a woodland wedding or want the full Four Weddings and A Funeral, Mappin & Webb has the engagement ring to match.

For those whose ideal wedding dress is minimalist yet feminine – think an elegant column of ivory satin or maybe a strapless bodice that gives way to a subtly draped skirt – it’s all about refinement, nothing too showy. A straight-up solitaire won’t do, but this woman isn’t after something overtly experimental, which is why an update on the classic trio design from Mappin & Webb’s Belvedere collection should be on the list. A traditional solitaire flanked by two pear-cut stones on their side set into platinum is an elegant interpretation of this ring. Alternatively using a trio of emerald cuts makes for a clever fusion of tradition and modernity, rather like the quintessential modern bride.

Unusual stone cuts are perfect for the contemporary bride and the Constance collection is where you’ll find them. This is the sort of woman who dares to be different, even on her wedding day. A bold inverted pear-cut stone set platinum with slender shoulders set with diamonds is for those whose personal style leans towards the unconventional. For something a little simpler that still makes a statement, there is always the choice of an oval-cut central stone. Oval stones are said to symbolise a creative mind, and a unique individuality; something that would appeal to this type of iconoclast.

Vintage styles and plenty of stones are there to tempt any romantic brides who are imagining themselves in layers of blush chiffon, saying their vows in dreamy sunlight wearing a crown of roses. Appropriately enough, these designs are found in the Amelia collection. It is named after an English rose, a symbol of beauty and love, and is the inspiration for this beautiful round-cut halo design, which also comes in a similar style, but with a scintillating oval-cut haloed stone at its centre. There’s a gorgeous Victoriana vibe to this emerald-cut halo ring, with the surrounding stones illuminating the central stone’s lustre, something that is multiplied three-fold in this dramatic diamond trio ring. Each stone has its own halo, and the platinum band is also set with diamonds. It’s an absolute beauty of a piece that showcases Mappin & Webb’s incredible craftsmanship.

That skill is also on show in this perfect solitaire, with the simple setting and no-frills design leaving nowhere to hide, aesthetically speaking. This is the quintessential design for those brides who want to embrace tradition. This lover of the classics wants the full Grace Kelly – lace, bridesmaids, veil, the lot – and for her a classic one-carat solitaire is the only design worth saying “yes” to, though she might be tempted by a trio of diamonds on a band of lushly polished 18-ct yellow gold, with each stone signifying the couple’s past, present, and future.

Whatever type of wedding you have planned, you don’t need a personality quiz, or a cross-referenced ring binder, to know that Mappin & Webb’s specially selected fire-bright diamonds set in precious metal will always be a bride’s best friend, both for the big day and for every day after.

Explore our Engagement Rings here at Mappin & Webb online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Author Credit: Laura McCreddie-Doak has been writing about jewellery and watches for over a decade. She is a regular contributor to the likes of Times LUXX, Wired, The Telegraph, and Evening Standard, as well as online publications such as Ape to Gentleman.

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