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Sparkle Down The Aisle in Showstopping Diamonds

By Amanda Evans 4 Minute Read

The diamond is the king of wedding day gems, discover how to choose the perfect diamond jewellery for a showstopping wedding day look.


The immense beauty and scintillating sparkle of a diamond has rendered it the most highly valued and prized gemstone of all. It’s hard to believe that something so beautiful is a derivative of carbon and was formed beneath the earth’s mantle at least 990 million years ago.

But it is their beauty, rarity and durability that renders diamonds so sought after, and these qualities are a fitting representation of the partnership between bride and groom as you declare your love and commitment to one another.

The Engagement

The bridal journey ordinarily commences with the engagement, sealed with a diamond engagement ring that becomes your most sparkly life partner.

Engagement ring styles have followed a myriad of trends throughout the years – be it the cut, the metal, the dominant fashion, or influential celebrity of that decade. However, there is one thing that will never date, and that is the diamond. Hence why some people choose to propose with a family heirloom or seek diamond engagement rings reminiscent of their personal style, be that classic or contemporary.

The ring may have been chosen by your life partner or this may have been something that you have decided to choose together. In which case, there are four key things that you need to know about…

The Four C's

The four C’s represent the quality of a diamond, which subsequently determines the value. They are known as cut, colour, clarity and carat and each factor has a GIA grading system that is used to determine the diamond’s quality in each of these areas.


The ideal colour for the perfect diamond is colourless – the lesser quality colour diamonds become more yellow as the quality diminishes. The only occasion in which this isn’t relevant is in the case of fancy diamonds, such as blue, pink, yellow, brown, purple, and even red, where the vivid colour is pertinent to their quality.


The clarity of a diamond is where its imperfections are examined and scrutinized to depict what degree of flawlessness the diamond has. Nearly all diamonds will contain some degree of imperfection, this is what makes them so unique – we like to call it ‘Nature’s fingerprint’. Diamonds with little or no inclusions or blemishes are extremely rare and are of exceedingly high value.


Carat depicts the weight of a diamond. Two diamonds of the equivalent carat weight will not necessarily have the same value – this will depend on how each fair in cut, colour, and clarity. This is a clear case of when bigger doesn’t always mean better. That being said, larger carat weights are becoming increasingly popular across all diamond jewellery.


Colour, clarity, and carat are all influenced by nature and man has no control, however the cut of a diamond is determined by the expert hand of a craftsman or woman who has an in depth understanding of a diamond’s unique way of displaying light. A well-cut diamond will be cut to achieve the optimum fire, brilliance, and scintillation possible for its grading. A perfectly cut diamond will bend light from all sides of the gemstone towards the centre where they reflected through the top of the stone – in other words, the diamond captures all the light and projects it upwards.

Wedding Day Jewels

The engagement marks the very beginning of a love affair with diamonds with luxury diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and right-hand rings perfecting a showstopping look on your wedding day and beyond.

With all eyes on you as you say, “I Do,” consider how best to enhance your bridal look.

Strapless Dresses and Plunge Necklines

Revealing the feminine decolletage, this is the perfect stage for a stunning diamond line necklace or pendant…

High Necklines or Hair Up-Do's

Focus on the ears and draw the sparkle upwards with some timeless diamond stud earrings or delicate drop earrings…

An All-Round Winner

Whether you’ve opted for a contemporary crisp white suit or Cinderella-esque tulle wedding gown, a diamond line tennis bracelet looks just as good peeking out of the cuff as it does cloaking delicate wrists…

A Promise Made Forever

Although traditionally an eternity ring has been something usually gifted to celebrate a milestone anniversary, more and more people are opting to wear these as right-hand rings. With claw-set, channel set and mixed cut diamonds of all shapes and sizes to discover – why wait for eternity!

Discover your wedding day sparkle here at Mappin & Webb online or visit us in store at one of our showrooms where our jewellery experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect piece for your wedding day style.

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