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Mappin & Webb Rolex Showroom

Our Rolex showrooms

Mappin & Webb, with our long and illustrious history, proud service to Royalty and reputation as fine jewellers for more than two centuries is evoked in every one of our distinctive boutiques.

In several unique locations nationwide, our teams of experts are on-hand to offer a bespoke, intimate, exceptional shopping experience.

Mappin & Webb Rolex Showroom

Our boutiques

Our selection of twelve Mappin & Webb boutiques across the country are the perfect place to explore the incredible collection of luxury Rolex timepieces. Allow our expert and welcoming staff to guide you along your Rolex journey for an exceptional experience at all times.

We are extremely proud to represent such a prestigious brand, and we are dedicated to conveying to all of our customers the precision, beauty and craftmanship in every timepiece - our boutiques are the best way to experience this stunning quality first-hand.

Mappin & Webb Rolex Showroom

Elegant Surroundings

Each beautifully appointed Mappin & Webb boutique is the perfect, luxurious environment to consider which exquisite Rolex timepiece to acquire. Reflecting our regal heritage, each boutique is elegantly designed to cater entirely to your needs, so your Rolex journey is memorable and tailored entirely to you.

Mappin & Webb Rolex Showroom

Tailoring our clients needs

Every consultation is unique and every client different. From the first moment you step into a Mappin & Webb Boutique, you will be greeted with the warmest welcome as your journey with us begins.

Creating these unforgettable experiences for you is key to our values and reflects our rich and enduring heritage. As your guide at every step of your journey through the wonderful world of Rolex, our team’s knowledge and passion for luxury watches will ensure you have an exceptional Rolex experience at all times.

Mappin & Webb Rolex Showroom
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