True Bespoke

For more than 240 years, Mappin & Webb has combined expert craftsmanship and esteemed service to create special bespoke commissions. Utilising traditional craft combined with contemporary design, Mappin & Webb has crafted one of a kind pieces for affluent English society, royalty and clients all over the world for generations.

Bespoke Creation

Sometimes, only a unique piece will do. Perhaps the occasion is so special it demands bespoke creation, or perhaps you have a treasured family heirloom you wish to have remodelled or restored. For these occasions, and many others, Mappin & Webb can assist you with our bespoke service. Our dedicated designers, experts and Crown Jeweller work closely with a clients' brief to create original ideas that ensure your design is truely unique. The final design is then placed in the hands of our highly skilled master craftsmen who bring the object to life in Mappin & Webb's London workshop.

If you would like to discuss our bespoke service or to make an appointment please contact your nearest boutique.