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Everlasting Jewellery

Buying engagement rings, wedding rings, or other pieces of jewellery is accompanied with an important consideration - how do I take care of my precious pieces. These rings specifically are not just for special occasions, they are to be worn with pride every day to symbolise the love you share.

At Mappin & Webb we can inspire confidence that the jewellery you so carefully chose will last and be looked after for many years to come. It is recommended that once a year your jewellery is inspected and cleaned professionally but in those interim months there are methods of cleaning you can undertake yourself.

Below is a useful guide, created by our central London jewellery workshop in Hatton Garden, to help you care for your jewellery.

Yellow gold diamond bands

10 Things You Should Know About Jewellery Care

  1. Brush it gently with a soft toothbrush in a bowl of warm, liquid detergent suds. Then place the item in a wire strainer and rinse it thoroughly under warm water, before patting it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. Do not get threaded pearls or beaded jewellery wet. And only wet antique jewellery following specialist advice.
  3. Silver dip type cleaners should only be used to clean silver jewellery. These must be rinsed and dried thoroughly afterwards as described above. Gold, platinum and gem-set jewellery can be cleaned using specialist jewellery cleaners, as appropriate.
  4. Soap, cosmetics, cooking grease, and natural skin oils can dull any jewellery and should be avoided.
  5. A diamond can be chipped by a hard blow along its grain and abrasive chemicals and household cleaners can damage your jewellery so avoid wearing when doing heavy manual work.
  6. Items of jewellery should be stored carefully and separately as diamonds can scratch each other, as well as other stones and metals. Keep any chains fastened to stop them getting tangled up in your jewellery box and keep everything out of direct sunlight, away from heating vents and window sills.
  7. When dressing apply make-up and hairspray before putting your jewellery on.
  8. If you are travelling, keep your jewellery in a soft, cloth pouch. As with daily storage diamonds should be kept in a separate pouch to avoid damaging other items.
  9. Make sure you have a detailed and up-to-date valuation for your jewellery as under-valuation is a continual problem in cases where an insurance claim for loss is made.
  10. If you ever have any questions about caring for your jewellery, about repairs or cleaning, just ask us. That's what we're here for.

Platinum and diamond bands

Jewellery Cleaning Service

While most jewellery can be cleaned at home, some pieces are especially delicate or require a specialist's touch. We think all jewellery benefits from being cleaned and inspected professionally at least once a year and our team can help keep yours as beautiful as the first day you wore it. Please contact your nearest showroom to make an appointment.

Our Lifetime Diamond Promise

We want to keep your diamond looking as vibrant as you do. That's why every diamond we sell comes with a Lifetime Diamond Promise and our guarantee that we'll inspect and clean it once a year for the next decade.

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