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The Honeymoon

Once the big day is complete and you're basking in the afterglow of a wonderful day enjoyed by all, it's time for the honeymoon. What is truly lovely about any honeymoon is that you both finally get chance to sit back (on a lounger, a boat, or perhaps an elephant!) and enjoy each other's company and reflect on the love you share.

Below we have summarised three destinations to better provide an idea of the romantic, restful or exciting places you can discover together.

Classic Romance - Venice, Italy

Venice is understandably one of the most classic honeymoon destinations, synonymous with beautiful sunsets and unique islands. From The Accademia Bridge where you can famously attach your "love lock" to the metal hand rails, to the San Giorgio Maggiore Island with wonderful Venetian Lagoon views, Venice is filled with romantic gems for you to express your enduring love.

Running right through the centre of the city is the infamous Venetian Grand Canal where you can hop on a Gondola and be serenaded by a local musician, while watching the world go by.

Too cliché? A helicopter tour is both an extravagant and exciting alternative giving you a fantastic bird's eye view over the romantic city.

For those looking for something a little different, visiting the peacock-inhabited island of Le Vignole where Romans and Venetians alike have historically vacationed is a good choice. The island is a tranquil part of Italy with a charming seventh-century chapel, winding canals and carefully cultivated farmland.

Venice, Italy

Exotic Isles - Bagan, Myanmar

As yet unspoiled by clamorous tourists but equally somewhere reaching higher and higher on holiday wish lists, Bagan Myanmar provides an exotic and historic haven for any honeymooner.

Once populated by between 50,000-200,000 people, the local population have now settled away from the city and reside in settlements on the outskirts; leaving the Bagan Archaeological Area and it's over 2,000 Buddhist temples isolated in ethereal antiquity.

The infinite number of ancient temples gives Bagan a captivating lure, with medieval ruins scattered over an area of approximately 26 sq. miles. Most are superbly preserved with Buddha carvings and statues scattered throughout.

The most serene way to access Bagan is by river from Mandalay but to catch a true view of the impressive array of temples, a 40-minute hot air balloon ride is a truly enchanting experience.

Top off a fairytale trip while enjoying a beautiful sunset over a sumptuous dinner at the Bagan Viewing Tower.

Bagan, Myanmar

Adventurous Shores - Iceland

If you're looking for something more adventurous while marvelling at a natural phenomenon, then Iceland may well be the destination of choice for you.

Situated between both the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans and positioned above one of the world's most volcanically active areas, Iceland offers such geological pearls as the Blue Lagoon, the Geysir and the Northern Lights.

Any trip to Iceland wouldn't be complete without an indulgent dip in the aquamarine, geothermal sea waters of The Blue Lagoon. Unlike any other spa, this one features in National Geographic's Top 25 wonders of the world and has an impressive waterfall and silica mud bar to boot, where you and your beloved can leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

While enjoying the many marvels of The Golden Circle route, with its waterfalls, lagoons and rivers, you will also find The Great Geysir. A geysir is a spring characterised by its intermittent tempestuous projection of steaming water. It just so happens that Iceland's Great Geysir was the first to ever be immortalised by the written word and the first to be acknowledged by modern Europeans. A 10,000 year old spectacle it may be but it's still an exciting sight to behold today.

The fiery, multi-coloured curtain of the aurora borealis is what an adventurer's dreams are made of. Though elusive and unpredictable in nature, setting aside three days to chase the northern lights is an experience of true natural wonder. But you'll have to wrap up warm as the best time to view he lights are in Iceland's chilly winter season.

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