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The Wedding Planner

It stands to reason that organising your wedding can be both exhilarating and stressful. One of the most important days of your life coupled with ensuring family and friends (and not forgetting you and your partner) are entertained and happy can put a lot of pressure on a couple.

This is where good planning comes in. Be it from the age of twelve when twirling around in your mother's wedding dress or the day you knelt down on one knee, you both at some point considered the meticulous planning of a wedding day. We have collaborated with planners extraordinaire, Quintessentially Weddings, to establish the crucial details to organising your big day.

Founded in 2005 and lead by award-winning event producers, Anabel Fielding and Caroline Villamizar Duque, Quintessentially Weddings are well positioned to advise on how to create your idyllic wedding day.

Planning materials for your big day

Could a Professional Help You?

When considering your planning options, handing over the reins to a professional can be stress-relieving and a possible master stroke when considering their impressive wedding resume and experience.

"Not only do we plan each and every element for you in the lead up to the wedding but we are there on the day to ensure that all runs smoothly so that you can be present to enjoy each precious moment," Sophie Hale, Quintessentially Wedding's Senior Wedding Planner, explains. "Planning one of the most special days of your life can be quite overwhelming, our Brides and Grooms leave the complexities to us so they can concentrate on enjoying the planning experience."

"We perceive each wedding as a work of fine art."

Planning For Yourself

If, however, the full planning of your wedding day utterly delights you then Sophie recommends that couples, "carefully consider what it is that will make them happiest on the day and ensure that they channel their budget in that direction."

Prioritising is the key to success. Are flowers the crown jewel to your wedding, does the wine list play a vital role, or is a string quartet your dream. Whatever it is, planning should always begin with your priorities.

Pearls of Wisdom

To be fully prepared, we asked what most commonly goes wrong on the big day and what advice is there to tackle it. Low and behold, our Great British weather comes into play. As nice as it would be to be optimistic when it comes to UK weather, chances are an outside wedding may suffer from the odd rainfall. To avoid simply hoping for the best, Sophie urges you to have a plan B in mind and thorough support.

"If your wedding dinner setting is open to the elements, have spare wine and water glasses and even lanterns just in case a gust of wind decides to blow through," she explains. "Another vital piece of advice is to surround yourself with a great team within your bridal party - or a wedding planner - then no matter what happens on the day you have the people to put it right."

2017 Trends and Beyond

Word has arrived from the professionals that the colour green is all the rage for 2017 weddings. With fresh, harmonious qualities and traditionally symbolizing growth, it is ideal for representing the union of a new marriage.

"This fresh and vibrant colour can be incorporated into any aspect of the wedding, from the designs of the invitation to the floral arrangements at the ceremony, this pop of colour can create a beautiful effect giving a wedding a more natural and crisp feel."

A green themed wedding

Don't Lose Sight

The most important thing to remember is that your wedding signifies the promise you make to one another for the rest of your lives. Before all the many planning elements come into play and you get bogged down in the minutia of detail, "remember over any small disagreements that you mustn't lose sight of the whole point of the day - you're getting married."

Special thanks must go to Sophie Hale of Quintessentially Weddings for all her help in the creation of this article.

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