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Wedding Guide

The Proposal

Arguably one of the most significant days of your life is the day you propose to your intended. A simple four-word question and one-word answer has the ability to irrevocably change your life forever. Setting in motion a timeline of events that will bond you together as one - your first home, your own traditions, your first child.

Although the idea of proposing can be an intimidating prospect, it's important to remember why you are doing it and who you are doing it for. Nerves can be set aside by reminding yourself that you are asking a question answerable only by someone you love and trust.

Remember, asking a father, mother, sibling, grandparent or other family member's permission is a tradition both long established and still treasured today.

The Perfect Setting and Circumstance

The key here is to remember that any proposal should reflect your own personalities and what makes you special as a couple. There is really no need to sign up to a big event, fireworks et al, if you both prefer a more personal and intimate setting.

Herein lies the fun part, how will you propose and with what ring? Perhaps your love has a passion for sunsets and diamonds, or is more of a vintage jewellery lover with a penchant for Jane Austen. All these hobbies and little quirks can be moulded together to create the basis for your perfect proposal.

Life's A Beach

It may be an old classic but walking along a beautiful beach with sand between your toes and the sea breeze blowing through your hair really is a wonderful setting for a proposal. Whether it's on a faraway exotic island or simply a coastal area in the UK, any proposal can be made special on a beach as secluded or as family filled as you wish.

With any proposal, capturing your special moment with photography should be near the top of your list so the day can always be cherished. A beach proposal can make use of the day's romantic "golden hour", immediately after sunrise or immediately preceding sunset, to take advantage of optimum natural light.

Beach Proposal

A Literary Aficionado

If your fiancé-to-be has a proclivity towards the written word, a personalised proposal incorporating her favourite, book, poem or author is the ideal way to go.

A clever and creative proposal for a book lover would be to craft an inlet into a favourite book that allows for a ring box to fit perfectly among the words. While your soulmate reads a poignant and significant passage, the next page can then be the big reveal!

Alternatively, a storybook, handmade by you, can build on the big moments in your relationship with the help of emotional wording, photographs and mementos. Finally, reaching a crescendo on the last page with those fateful words: Will You Marry Me?

Thrill Seeker

Perhaps your other half likes to take risks and wouldn't be out of place at the top of a mountain harnessed by a rope, or setting up a parachute to jump from a plane at 13,000ft.

For those who seek al fresco adventure, to the ski slopes you should go. While sitting upon a lift heading to the summit of a black run, there, written below your feet in a blanket of snow, are words etched deep into the vast whiteness that will forever change your future.

The Headline Act

When choosing the perfect ring, it's a good idea to involve those closest to the lady in question. Myriad hints may have been left for you but on the off chance those were, respectfully, lost in translation, her mother, sister or closest friends are likely to have a good idea on the kind of ring she is looking for.

At Mappin & Webb, we have a vast collection of truly sublime engagement rings, each one capturing the moment of love and romance to a tee. However, if you're looking for something completely unique to you both, our bespoke By Appointment service allows you to create your own matchless piece of jewellery from the very beginning. Moreover, many of our engagement rings now come with a specially made wedding ring partner, created to fit perfectly together and helping to reduce future distractions when planning your wedding day.

Remember, the most important thing on the day of your proposal is to enjoy the moment and celebrate your love in your own exceptional way.

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