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Wedding Guide

The Rings

Once you have the engagement ring and wedding plans are underway, it's time to turn your attention once again to your ring finger.

It is customary around the world for a couple to adorn the third finger on their left hand with a ring to signify the everlasting nature of their love. In what way you do this can differ from couple to couple and certainly from woman to man.

The Bride

For women, wedding rings have become more and more ornate with the passage of time.

A wedding band paved with diamonds creates a lavish alternative to the classic ring style, while coloured gemstones have seen a recent resurgence with sapphires proving to be the most popular.

Engraving with the date of your wedding, a line from a particularly poignant poem or simply both your initials, is a simple way to personalise what is a physical representation of your marriage.

Wedding Bands

Perfect Partner Wedding Bands

What once was satisfied by a matching metal band to that of her husband's, women now choose wedding bands on the basis that it will match her engagement ring. Enter the perfect partnership.

The most practical way in which to match your wedding ring to your engagement ring is to buy a bridal set in the first instance. If, of course, your engagement was a magnificent surprise then this may prove difficult.

While many bridal sets come as a team, it is possible at Mappin & Webb to find your engagement ring's perfect partner in the aftermath of your engagement. Our Ena Harkness, Belvedere, Boscobel and Hermione engagement rings all have their perfect wedding partners and have been made to sit harmoniously together.

Bridal Sets

The Groom

For men, it would be wise to consider your occupation. Though men's wedding rings are not restricted to a simple metal band anymore, with intricately woven designs and the addition of gemstones, if your job involves physical work the right metal to allow for bumps and grazes would be best.

Noble Metals

Gold - be it yellow, white or rose, gold is the most popular metal for men's wedding rings for good reason. Bright, valuable and non-corrosive (as all noble metals are), an18ct gold wedding ring is a hard-wearing and malleable choice.

Platinum - a sophisticated and durable metal, platinum is 30% rarer than gold, the metal choice for the majority of British Crown jewels and its military use during 20th century wartime is proof of its strength and durability.

Palladium - increasingly popular among men, a palladium wedding ring has an almost mirror like shine with the durability of platinum while not being quite so heavy or expensive.

We would always advise a yearly professional polish from a Mappin & Webb boutique, as part of our lifetime promise, to ensure your rings are beautifully kept and looking as perfect as the first day you bought them.

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