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Wedding Guide

The Gown

Your Cinderella moment arrives when you walk through the doors of your ceremonial venue and all eyes turn to you in awe as you make your way down the aisle.

For this very reason, choosing your wedding dress is the epitome of wedding planning. It will be the star of the show and will represent you in every way.

How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

When choosing a dress specifically made to envelop you during the delivery of your vows to your darling, a steer in the direction of how to choose successfully is what you require.

Below we have highlighted areas to consider when contemplating the dress that not only will you walk down the aisle in, but also reflect upon in years to come and even perhaps pass down to your daughter on her own wedding day.

Early Dress Appointments

While the time of day shouldn't affect when you choose to find your perfect gown, it stands to reason that if you are the first appointment of the day your consultant will be bright, fresh and ready to give you all the attention and energy needed. It also helps that most boutiques find their quietest times are in the morning; as the old adage says, the early bird catches the worm.

A Flawless Silhouette

After many years of scouring the rails of clothing boutiques, it's safe to assume your ideal silhouette has been ascertained and has justly complemented your figure for quite some time. Don't forget this shape when choosing your dress.

Perhaps you are partial to the classic ball gown. On the other hand, maybe the mermaid hugs your silhouette perfectly, or even the tea-length dress, ensuring movement when dancing the night away later in the evening. Whatever your preference, it's good to have this shape firmly decided so as to be the most flattering on the day.

Dresses in Abundance

Though you might hope to find the complete embodiment of elegant beauty in the first dress you try, this is highly unlikely - and more's the better for it. It may of course make the process more efficient but it doesn't, however, provide you with the chance to get a true feel of what is out there and on offer. Your bridal match may be forgone for the first dress that seems right at the time.

Now, that is not to suggest that you should not do your prior research, as picking a small selection of boutiques that are aligned with your sense of style will ensure your wedding dress is just that little bit closer to you and your wedding day.

Wedding Dresses on display

Capture the Look

During fittings, it is imperative to have your mother, sister or bridesmaid on hand to capture you in any dress you think could be the one. Often mirrors in clothing shops or bridal boutiques can be slightly distorted, as with any mirror at home. What looked like everything you wished for when standing in front of your reflection may very well look different to the outside world. A camera on hand is always useful to get a true representation of what you are wearing.

Tying the knot


The way in which you accessorise is usually completely dependent on the dress you have chosen and on how you wear your make-up and hair on the day. However, less really is more when intending to be exquisitely graceful in your gown.

A slight sparkle in your hair, or a pair of drop diamond earrings, will complement any beautiful wedding dress.

Ask the Experts

Bridal boutique consultants have taken their roles for a reason - because they enjoy navigating brides in the direction of a dress that will hold so much love and meaning when worn. Take advantage of their sartorial skills and ask as many questions as you wish in order to find a dress matched to you and your wedding day.

Enjoy Every Minute

While it would be lovely, unfortunately, it's not every day that we get to be the belle of the ball and enjoy the delicate perfection of a wedding dress. Thus, enjoying every minute of your search is absolutely essential and should be a time to not only enjoy twirling in the sheer feminine beauty of it all but also to share special moments with your bridal party.

With such a vast assortment out there, making sure you have left sufficient time to peruse your ideal dress will make the process a much more tranquil experience.

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