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Fulfilling the destiny of a Fine Watchmaking manufacturer continuously impelled by daring, authenticity and pleasure since 1865.

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Dating back to 1865, Zenith has been creating innovating time pieces, driven by the passion of creating accurate and reliable watches. In 1969 Zenith became the first brand to develop a high-frequency automatic integrated column-wheel chronograph that beats at 36,000 vibrations an hour.

About Zenith

Still located in the premises where it was founded in 1865, the Manufacture Zenith currently houses 80 professions exercised by its 250-strong personnel. Whether exponents of the more artistic crafts or of ultra-technical skills, all are engaged in the task undertaken by Georges Favre-Jacot almost 150 years ago: that of mastering each gesture in order to enable free-spirited creation of mechanical marvels combining noble watchmaking traditions with avant-garde innovations.