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Wedding Guide

The Bridal Party and Groomsmen

In Ancient Rome, a wedding required at least 10 witnesses, which is considered to be the original wedding party and the beginning of the tradition. In a contemporary society, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are the biggest support that you will have on the day.

They are, for want of a better term, your 'A Team' and should be relied upon for their tenacity, organisation and ability to stay cool under pressure. Have your flowers been placed properly throughout your ceremonial venue? Ask your Maid of Honour. Are the rings ready and waiting to fulfil their lifetime purpose? The Best Man should know.

Don't be afraid to take your time when asking your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of your special day. After all, they will be by your side to support you with a list of responsibilities and ways to make your day as perfect as you would wish it to be.

Consider the duties that you are asking your bridal party to fulfil on the day you enter into a new and exciting chapter of your life. Below we have provided a list of the most important tasks expected of both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

Bridesmaid Responsibilities

  • Organising a wonderful engagement party to celebrate your upcoming matrimonial promise to each other.
  • If you have a close friend with an inclination for crafts then make use of their creative skills to help in the design of stationery or wedding favours.
  • Choosing the dress is an important part of planning your wedding. But, more importantly, it's a beautifully emotive bonding experience that you and your bridesmaids will forever cherish as they say yes to "the one".
  • Organising the often forgotten things, such as collating RSVPs and helping to configure a dining table list that suits the ambience of the day.
  • Creating a hen do to remember. Thinking of ideas for destinations, activities and party games; all the while remembering that this is the time to celebrate your friendships while they guide you to your betrothed.
  • Getting ready the morning of the wedding is an event in itself. Make-up and hair perfection unfold around you while champagne is sipped, stories are shared and tears are shed in pride and excitement.
  • Ensuring all is running smoothly in terms of suppliers on the day, such as the arrival of flowers, the cake, and other accessories that enhance the look and feel of the venue.
  • Being on hand when stray hairs wind their way out of their clips and lipstick finds its way onto your cheek. An exquisite dress can also be impractical when trying to simply take steps down the stairs. This is where bridesmaids can shine in their ability to help you.
  • Helping with any post-wedding clean-up once you and your husband have sailed off into the sunset.

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Groomsmen Responsibilities

  • Being present and receptive to all pre-wedding events and available to be the light relief when tasks are mounting up.
  • Making sure you're available to try on suits when needed and being positive in the process - it's likely the bride has a clear idea on the colour and how these will look to suit the theme.
  • Organising the stag do as above with the hens.
  • Ensuring the groom is ready and waiting in time for the bride's arrival - including getting him ready the morning of and arranging cars to arrive at the ceremony in good time for the bride's entrance.
  • Check, recheck and check again that the rings are safely in your pocket if you are the best man.
  • Usher duties while at the ceremony, ensuring all guests have a clear idea of where they should sit and which side, if separated by family.
  • On the day roles following the ceremony, such as directing people to sign the guest book for example and indicating the seating plan for the wedding breakfast.
  • Generally being the point of contact for all questions and directions.
  • For the Best Man: writing and delivering a speech eloquently and appropriately for the guests on a wedding day - light jokes are encouraged but they should never offend the bride or guests.
  • As above with the bridesmaids, helping with any post-wedding clean-up if needed.

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In between making sure the flower girl has kept her pretty dress clean and the father of the bride is ready and willing to deliver his speech, you should thank your busy pseudo staff for the day in any way you see fit.

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For the bridesmaids, our Treasure Empress White Mother of Pearl collection of pendants, bracelets and earrings are a splendid way to say thank you for all their hard work and loyalty.

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